Friday, December 21, 2012

The End Of The World

So today was supposed to be the end of the world. And there are some people that are maybe a little bit disappointed that the end didn't actually happen. And many more that are laughing at the "crazies" who we're preparing for this day. Obviously we are all still here, so the so called "end" seems to not have come. But hear me out.... I'm daring to say that the world HAS come to an end. That is- the world, as we've known it, is coming to an end. It didn't all happen today, its been a gradual ending, and in fact it's not completely finished, but I believe that the world as we've known it is ending. This year we have taken strides regarding equality, particularly that concerning gay rights and marriage. There is more acceptance and freedom to love now than there has ever been in my lifetime. Last week we witnessed a God-awful tragedy but as a result there has been talk about gun control and better care for the mentally ill.  We saw people banding together through national disasters this year, supporting and lifting each other in times of need. And did I mention gay marriage? This is huge. The most religious nuts who have spent this year warning everyone of impending doom- they are the ones who's world is ending today. Because I see us continuing to move up up up in the right direction, and it is a direction most of them are against and don't want to see happen. But If that is what the end of the world means- then let the world end. Let us say goodbye to the world as it was and welcome the new world- a world where love trumps hatred, where slowly but surely the message of Peace continues to flourish, where we truly listen to and help each other. Where we can hopefully one day see an end to bullying and perhaps avoid tragedies like the one in Newtown.  I whole heartedly acknowledge the end of the world and say goodbye to the way things have been, and welcome a new, better and more positive world. 
Sending love and peace to everyone this holiday season. Don't forgot to spread love to those around you. 

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