Sunday, September 7, 2014

Little Wooden Box

                                  Little Wooden Box
                                           by Erica Lustig

When I would lay with you at night, I’d count all of your parts
and I’d tell you how I loved each one with all my soul and heart.
How I loved your little perfect nose, tiny, pink and wet.
How I loved your long long whiskers and that face I can’t forget.
How I loved your kitten toes, some were pink and some were black.
How I loved your gorgeous yellow eyes, which always loved me back.
How I loved your big fat belly, warm and coated with soft fur.
How I loved your silly meow and loved it best when you would purr.
How I loved to hold your tiny paws and scratch behind your ears,
How you only got more handsome and more regal through the years.
How I loved your broken tail, slightly crooked at it’s end
How I loved to wrap my arms around my best furry friend.
I would kiss each part before I told you how I loved you so
you would curl up in my arms at night and stay there til I woke.
Now all of those parts I used to love and point out with such joy
have been turned into a pile of ashes, all I loved destroyed.
That heart which used to beat so strong, now it doesn’t exist.
Each tiny perfect part of you I’ll never again kiss.
And the tears I cried into your fur, they’re mixed up in the ash,
Along with 10 full years of love that went by in a flash.
If I could have you back again I’d reset all the clocks
but instead I have to hold you in a little wooden box.
This box holds a collection of the most amazing parts
And along with every bit of you, a dear piece of my heart.
R.I.P Onyx

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